Interactive magic wall of Quanzhou party spirit education center

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The red education theme park built in Fengze District, Quanzhou City is located in Taohua Mountain, Chengdong Street, with a construction scale of about 2520 mu. The theme park tells the revolutionary story of Quanzhou and integrates with the natural landscape to build a red education base around the citizens.

Quanzhou's revolutionary history, a brief history of the Communist Party Congress, the spirit of the Yangtze River Detachment, and the demeanor of outstanding Communist Party members as "role models around" have been reviewed and reflected in the education of revolutionary tradition, drawing on the strength of moving forward.

The red history is remembered and the red spirit is handed down from generation to generation.
In order to further practice the President's speech spirit of "learning from history to clarify the truth, to increase the credibility, to uphold the morality, and to practice", and to learn from the style of hard struggle of revolutionary ancestors,
Continue the spiritual blood of the Communists, improve their sense of responsibility and realistic spirit, and constantly enhance their political judgment, political understanding and political execution based on their posts.
Quanzhou party spirit education center carries out learning and education work in a wider range,
"Never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind", encourage Party members and backbones to forge ahead and receive profound Party spirit education and spiritual baptism.


On site photos:

Installation of 55 inch 1.7 4X1 interactive magic wall hydraulic support


55 inch 1.7mm super narrow edge splicing screen, equipped with touch function and installed with hydraulic support, forms a large interactive magic wall,
Support user-defined background images and user-defined function buttons; Support video, image and audio playback; Support self start, automatic stop and other functions, and support background data update;
It can better meet the basic display effect of the intelligent exhibition hall, form a higher level of development, realize the innovation and cultural development of modern society, and display the cool effect in a new way.

The interactive wall software adopts a new interactive display mode, so that the display effect of the spliced large screen is no longer single,
At the same time, it can effectively improve the development culture of the exhibition hall and better promote the social construction and development of the new era. Tourists can touch the interactive wall to form a better interactive development value,
At the same time, click to zoom in, and other pictures can continue to flow dynamically.

The interactive display can display the graphic content of each product, making the operation more user-friendly.
At the same time, the display effect can be modified as needed. Higher technology display effect can play a role in improving people's life happiness index. Technological progress can bring about better interactive experience.


The multimedia interactive wall is mainly used in science and technology exhibition halls, museums, party building exhibition halls, cultural corridors, shopping malls and other places. The contents displayed on the interactive wall will constantly change in the form of flow.
It can automatically recommend the most popular exhibits and continuously display them according to age, color, type, etc.
When visitors interact with them, the background of the multimedia interactive wall and the un clicked display content are still displayed dynamically.





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