Application of intelligent magic wall processor in irregular splicing

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Special shaped splicing and creative splicing display, as the name suggests, is to break through the conventional splicing mode of ordinary display screen, arbitrarily reverse the position, rotate and splice different display styles to bring a new visual experience. The controllability of splicing structure enables it to meet the application needs of various fields, and has more practicability.

  Large screen splicing system is often used in various command and control centers and other professional fields. As people know more and more about large screen splicing products, they begin to understand that large screen splicing system can also be used for display applications such as exhibition halls, enterprise halls, and street windows. But for this kind of display application, the ordinary liquid crystal splicing single rectangular display mode will no longer bring people anything new, and the emergence of special-shaped splicing well solves this problem.

  The emergence of irregular splicing breaks the large screen splicing system, which can only be spliced into rectangular shape. It can be spliced into various irregular shapes to display some highly creative content, which can not only achieve better publicity effect, but also better expand the application scope of large screen splicing.

 The special-shaped splicing gives users a sense of freshness as well as shock. Large size is just an advantage of splicing large screen, and its amazing appearance can not be ignored. With the emergence of special-shaped splicing technology, splicing large screen breaks the shape design of traditional display large screen, which can create a more personalized appearance for users, which is more eye-catching in practical application, especially in the field of exhibition. Compared with the traditional splicing method, the appearance and installation position of special-shaped splicing are more flexible and diversified. The combination of vertical and horizontal layout and the diversity of use form make it play a role in more fields, and also expand some potential new fields.

  The flexible splicing design of large screen can make it into a variety of regular and irregular shapes in the eyes of adults to display colorful pictures, which can better attract the attention of the audience, and also expand the market field of traditional splicing large screen. The special-shaped LCD splicing will get faster development in the performance leasing and exhibition industry, and will be sought after in the entertainment and media industries that pursue fashion and need to bring people new visual experience.

  For example, the special-shaped splicing cases of the following commodity displays are listed as follows:


拼接大屏究竟 拼 的是什么 技术or创新

For irregular splicing, with Huayun horizon's intelligent magic wall processor, customers can realize creative splicing and enjoy 4K high-definition. It can support any number of display devices, any angle, any position, any mixed size, any output resolution, and the diversity of structure makes it suitable for all kinds of space and occasions. It can support the creative modeling splicing of LED display, LCD splicing screen, projection equipment, ordinary display, TV and other devices. Because each channel output can support any customized resolution and mixed resolution, and even realize the mixed use of a variety of different display devices, it greatly expands the flexibility and range of creative display.





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