Application of splicing screen in monitoring and security center

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We all know that in the monitoring command and dispatching center, the requirements for image display are very high, especially in the Ping'an city monitoring system or some transportation, coal mine and other monitoring centers, the display effect of terminal display equipment and the feedback picture need to be extremely detailed.

Today, I will take you to know the application of LCD splicing screen in the security monitoring system.

A complete set of large screen display scheme of monitoring center can be divided into three parts

The first part is the display terminal: LCD splicing screen / monitor / small space led, etc

The second part is the processing center: digital matrix, switches and other equipment

The third part is the control center: control PC, notebook, etc.

The image reflected by the webcam is converted into HDMI signal through the switch (which can be allocated to different display devices) and matrix processing, and the image is mapped to the large display screen. Each monitored area can be displayed in different LCD splicing units.

In the security monitoring terminal, the LCD splicing screen can make the pictures captured by each monitoring camera and network camera display in real-time high-definition and exquisite, and present perfectly. In addition to the unique properties of the LCD splicing screen, it can support the free combination display of single screen, multi screen and overlay, and switch back and forth.

Moreover, the LCD splicing screen supports 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted operation without damage, with extremely low energy consumption, which is very suitable for the command center that needs to maintain the monitoring state all the time.

At present, the LCD panel is widely used in the monitoring system. For example, Shanghai has been implementing the garbage classification system for a long time, and garbage disposal is also a problem of concern to people. In this regard, Shanghai's domestic waste terminal disposal is once again "enhanced" - the second phase of Laogang Renewable Energy Utilization Center is officially put into use, LCD splicing screen plays a very important role, can be used to monitor the implementation of garbage disposal, can also be used as a control command center.

The application of LCD splicing screen in the security monitoring system is the most popular among many large screen display products. Whether in building a safe city, intelligent command and transportation system, big data platform, etc., LCD splicing screen can always meet the needs of users.

LCD splicing screen in the security monitoring system, to a certain extent, reduces the work intensity of the personnel on duty, and improves the reliability, accuracy and timeliness of security; It plays a very important role in dealing with emergencies, providing solutions quickly and cooperating with command actions.

Guided by the theory of system, information and automatic control, the splicing monitoring system integrates LCD high-definition digital display technology, information fusion technology, splicing technology, multi screen image processing technology and central control system technology. It is composed of industrial devices and becomes a high brightness, high-definition, high intelligent control and management system with advanced, simplified operation Multi screen splicing is convenient for management, forming a set of network centralized monitoring platform, information resource sharing platform, analysis and decision-making platform and command and dispatching platform with integrated control system, centralized control system, perfect function and advanced technology.





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