Difference between outdoor LED display and indoor LED display

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With the development of market economy, the application scope of LED display is expanding. As a new information dissemination tool, LED display has been widely used in various industries. As an external visual medium of computer, LED large screen display has powerful functions of real-time dynamic data display and graphic display. The long life, low power consumption and high brightness of LED make it the first choice in the application of large screen information display. But at present, some people don't know much about the difference between outdoor LED display and indoor LED display. Let's explain the difference.

First, the use environment is different

Indoor LED displays generally do not need to be waterproof and fireproof due to the use place, while outdoor LED displays pose a challenge to the adaptability of products in various environments due to the diversity of use environment.Outdoor LED display screen is a system produced by combining the research results of the external environment and applying it to the preliminary design and later maintenance.It is widely used in large outdoor squares, such as government square, leisure square, commercial center, advertising information board, commercial street, railway station, etc. Indoor LED display screen is much better than outdoor environment. It is not affected by high temperature, and there is no special requirement for waterproof. Indoor LED display screen has high requirements for air humidity. In the south of China, ventilation measures need to be strengthened to keep the indoor LED display screen in a dry environment.

Second, the brightness requirements are different

Strong outdoor light leads to higher requirements for brightness of outdoor LED display. Outdoor LED display screen is generally placed in the sun by direct sunlight. If the brightness is not handled well, or reflection occurs, the viewing effect will be affected.

Third, suitable for different observation distance

The higher the pixel, the clearer the display and the larger the information capacity, so the closer the distance suitable for viewing. Outdoor pixel density requirements are not as high as indoor, because the observation distance is far, so the pixel density is low, and the distance between points is larger than indoor.

The above is the difference between outdoor LED display and indoor LED display arranged by Huayun vision. For more information, please pay attention to the official website of Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd.






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