Guangzhou Nursing Home-Feiping Interactive Case

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Hongfu Lin Pension Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is a large -scale pension service operator that is mainly based on institutional pension and community pension.The concept of "combination of medical care, smart pension, beautiful environment, and fine service\\ Create a happy and healthy home.Special customized supporting multimedia device with Flying screen software,

Make full use of smart technology, intelligent equipment and facilities, and the Internet of Things technology to create a comprehensive smart pension comprehensive management system monitoring in a full range of and seamlessly monitored the real -time monitoring of the elderly. The ground is provided for the elderly"Personalized, full -process, professional, systematic" care solutions and food therapy plans, the elderly guarding the elderly in all directions.


Flying screen interactive software is displayedScreen screen shieldThe same as 歩 shows that the connection to the touch all machine is selected in the touch all machine, Roll up and then the display content is generated on a large screen display in a large -screen display.Have haveThe display effect of novel interactive exchanges produces efficient interactive exchanges.

Flying screen effects can be a variety of display methods such as photos, short videos, and have a strong science fiction display effect. The exhibition content achieves effective interactive exchanges in accordance with its own display method, and experience the good interactive communication effect produced by intelligent technology. Create the display method of science fiction interactive exchanges and experience the new experience generated by intelligent technology. At the same time, you can effectively display short videos and pictures. Through the control of all -in -one machine, select the display content you want, and pull it up to achieve the leap effect.

Real shot:



Flying screen interactive software can use the actual operation of the tablet table device or small display to complete the large screen and the same as 歩. The software has functions such as interactive functions, intelligent identification, and multi -screen applications. Flying screen interaction is the fusion of multi -touch technology and wireless network screen technology, which can complete the interactive effect of large -media large screens and LCD screen screens. Users can operate the content on the tablet, such as clicking to play various pictures and video content, and dragging the photos on the device to another touch display to complete the resource integration and multi -screen motion performance effect.





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