Safety Production Command Center, Shenda Hui'an Coal Industry, Xinzhou, Shanxi

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2022-07-11

Nowadays, the importance of security monitoring is self -evident. It is very important whether enterprises and community security monitoring management! Security is the basis for survival and development of society and enterprises. Especially in the coal mining industry, safety production is even more important. Therefore, the Safety Production Command Center of Shenda Hui'an Coal Industry in Xinzhou, Shanxi chose to build a large screen for security monitoring.


The large screen of the security monitoring is Huayun Vision55 -inch 1.8mm LCD stitching screen, 3X10 30 LCD screen stitching into a large screen, landing cabinet -type installation. Beautiful and generous, high -definition display. At the same time, the large -screen system signal access control terminal is used to achieve one -click opening, which greatly facilitates the management of operators.



The internal splicing function of the LCD splicing screen display can achieve multiple LCD screen stitching display through simple settings. 1920*1080 Full HD display resolution, which can provide a very clear and delicate display screen for coal mine security monitoring management center, without compressed display high -definition signals. Using wide -view angle 178 degrees technology, the staff can see the superior display effect from any side. Use LED backlight, color gamut wide, good color performance; low energy saving, low pressure is safer; support multi -screen segmentation.

LCD stitching screen safety defense monitoring large screenCombining high -tech technologies such as sensor technology, computer technology and modern communication technology can effectively prevent, maintain public security, prevent disaster accidents, and reduce the aspects of corporate, collective property and people's lives.

The large -screen system of LCD stitching screen safety defense monitoring is an important part of the security technology prevention system. It is an advanced and highly defense capabilities comprehensive system. In the LCD stitching screen safety defense monitoring system, the image content of the monitoring place can be transmitted to the large screen of the monitoring center, so that the real -time situation of the monitoring place is clear at a glance.





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