Design of LCD splicing screen in exhibition hall

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The LCD splicing screen in the exhibition hall is only a subdivision application of the LCD splicing screen, and it is also the most used application type. The customer groups are used from the top to the public institutions and ordinary enterprises, and the customer groups account for a large proportion.

In the process of modernization, LCD splicing screen has become the mainstream of the times. Therefore, LCD splicing screen is also widely used. The LCD splicing screen of the exhibition hall mainly depends on the splicing screen system of the exhibition hall, various decoration designs of the exhibition hall, and customer functions.

Design elements of LCD splicing screen in exhibition hall:

1、The customer decides the area of the exhibition hall and the function of the customer, decides the size of our LCD splicing screen and the cooperation degree of the equipment.

2、We decided with the customer what kind of installation method to adopt, just assembly, no solid wall space, but what we do is the screen, the surface must be very beautiful, but there are supports, wires and auxiliary equipment behind, so we must carry out the overall interior decoration, in order to achieve the effect of the exhibition hall.

3、The wire and wiring mode of LCD splicing screen equipment depends on the customer's demand. Before repair, the necessary wires must be sorted and hidden to meet the aesthetic requirements of the wireless head in the exhibition hall.

4、Due to the various installation methods of LCD splicing screen, as the design of exhibition hall, our screen bracket is the first. Set up the site, wait for the decoration entrance, make the overall edge and overall effect. Install the bracket after Party A finishes the decoration.

5、Wait for the customer to finish the decoration. Manufacturers usually install LCD splicing screen for overall adjustment. According to the needs of customers, to meet the needs of customer site functions. Customers confirm the functions they need and carry out inspection.

For large projects, the demand of LCD splicing screen in exhibition hall is very different. We need to design and customize according to the different needs of customers.





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