Exhibition hall central control system

Exhibition hall central control system

The central control system of the exhibition hall is generally composed of four parts: user interface, central control host, various control interfaces, and controlled equipment

The system can centrally control the sound, light, power and other equipment in the exhibition hall, which is a combination of software and hardware that can make the exhibition hall more modern

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Product features

1. New technology, simple programming

New generation design platform, control interface and device protocol are separated, the protocol is saved on the host, and the interface is uploaded to the touch screen,Clear, reliable and efficient; The host code is easy to write. The protocol header code is embedded in an editor. When writing the code, select the code sending port as required; Table format structure. After the code sending port is selected, just write the controlled equipment code into the table, which is simple and clear.

2、Non webStructure and simple operation

Non web,wrongWeb Site Stylestructure, provide special control software,During the operation, just like the traditional RF mode, click directly to enter without entering the central control hostIP address and network card port number, professionalReliable!

3、IPAD/Android/Windows/embedded WinCE, full platform type, gives you more choices.

Multiple methods can be used at the same time to backup each other, making your project moreIncrease reliability; It can be matched through wireless routerAndroidSystemAppleIOS system、WindowsSystem tabletAnd personal computersTouch screenIntegrated machineuse,andAndOf all control terminalsThe operation interface is exactly the same,Cross platform operation technology and unified designer ensure that each system does not need to be designed separately to avoid repeated work.

4、A large number of control interfaces, dedicated control, and emphasis on control.16 RS232, 8 RS485 422, 8 infrared ports, etc

Designed for advanced occasions such as meeting rooms,Modification of non audio-visual central control and non serial port distributor;A large number of control ports, built-in network transceiver decoder,have16 RS232, 8 RS485 422, 8 infrared ports and other control ports, which are much more than the ordinary central control; Separate design of strong and weak current, external power module, to ensure more stable system;It has powerful and flexible programming ability, without any functions irrelevant to control, and is easier to use, more stable and reliable.


• AdoptEthernet(TCP/IP), 10/100M adaptive, TCP SERVER mode, or UDP mode;

•Dual bus system adopted,twoHigh-speed CPU(CPU) parallel operation, which can quickly process various complex control commands and improve the speed of responding to users;

•Operating system shall be used together with programming software in ChineseThe Builder programming platform is easier for users to use;

•built-in256MB large capacity FLASH memory can store up to 2048 control instructions, which can meet the control storage requirements in any occasion and support expansion; 

•Front panel has transfer/Receive/online/error LED status light;

• Built in16 independent programmable RS-232 communication ports, 8 programmable RS-485 communication ports, capable of receiving and transmitting RS-232/RS-485 formatdata

•withinSet8 groups of digital I/O control ports, supporting external high-level triggering action or output high-level;

•withinSet8-way infraredPort, built-in infrared learning function, no need to configure a professional learner,It can control a variety of infrared remote control devices; 

• Built in8-way RELAY weak current relay port;

• Module separation design, which can expand various modules as required, such as power controller, volume controller, etc;

•editplatformSoftware program support3D buttons, picture buttons, etc., support self-locking, interlocking, continuous code sending, one button (button) to execute multiple actions, control multiple devices, and buttons and backgrounds support the transparent effect of pictures;

•Fully supports third-party devices and control protocols, and can set multiple control protocols and codes;

•OptionalAndroidSystemAppleIOS system、WindowsSystem tabletAnd personal computersTouch screenAll in one machine, etc,Implement the whole Chinese cultureControl operation;

•Power Supply100VAC~240VAC,50/60Hz,International adaptive power supply;

•Standard cabinet,2U height;

• Suitable for various applications,applyIn large conference rooms, multi-function halls, exhibition halls, museums, etc.






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