Fengyixing Business Building, Tongcheng, Anhui

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Recently, the installation and commissioning of multimedia equipment in Fengyixing Business Building was completed.

Fengyixing Business Building, located in the South Street of Tongcheng City, Anhui Province, is a shop and residence built by Feng Shibiao, a great merchant in the Qing Dynasty. It is exquisite in structure, simple and beautiful, and still retains the characteristics of Huizhou architecture in the late Qing Dynasty.
Sitting west to east, facing the street, it has three entrances in front and back. It is a beam lifting brick and wood structure with high walls and a trapezoidal plane.
With the completion of debugging of modern multimedia equipment in many parts of the building, the dust of the years covered by the "cultural treasures" has been swept away, allowing the vitality of cultural relics to continue, and adding more ancient style and new charm to the city.
For a city, retaining the historical context is not only to pass on culture and continue history, but also to better move towards the future.
Historical and cultural heritage should not only be "sustainable", but also "live". Rongchuangzhixin helps the ancient city make cultural relics speak and history speak.


On site photos:

55 "3.5mm touch splicing screen

49 inch advertising machine

P1.53 Full color LED display

Customized advertising machine

Customized touch all-in-one machine


Customized touch all-in-one machine


The interactive splicing table is novel and unique in form, full of sense of technology, changeable in shape, and has laser effect. It focuses on interactive experience and communication,
It can not only provide the display effect of creative content, but also help to improve the popularity and display image of the site, which is very popular in the exhibition hall field; Especially in science and technology museums
Enterprise exhibition halls are widely used to show the exhibition items to visitors vividly and intuitively.


It adopts multiple sets of touch integrated machines and customized models, and adopts push-pull ops host computer in structure, which is easy to install and maintain;
Strong compatibility, able to support Android and Windows systems, equipped with industrial control motherboard, and more stable operation;
It can work 24 hours a day. It can be operated by tapping the screen with your finger. It can create an audio-visual feast with pictures and texts, which greatly improves the fun of visiting.
Create an immersive space with a sense of technology.






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