Yuanhengzhong Veterinary Museum, Lu'an, Anhui

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Yuanheng Memorial Hall is located in the old street of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Maotanchang, covering an area of more than 400 square meters. It is divided into three exhibition halls: front, middle and back,
This paper systematically introduces the hardships and twists of the Yuanheng Horse Healing Collection written by the Liu'anzhou people of the Ming Dynasty, the famous veterinarian Yu Benyuan and the Yu Benheng brothers, and the extensive influence of the Yuanheng Horse Healing Collection in the world.
This book is a masterpiece of ancient veterinary medicine, rich in content and delicate in diagnosis and treatment. Its acupuncture and moxibustion science is unique in the veterinary field and has become the most widely circulated veterinary masterpiece in China.
The Qing Dynasty was collected in the Siku Quanshu and spread abroad.
Later generations of veterinarians have repeatedly reproduced, added or deleted categories, and there are more than 70 existing versions.
Yuan Heng's Horse Healing Collection has had a significant impact on the development of veterinary medicine and is an important milestone in the history of veterinary medicine in China.

Many groups of modern large screens and multimedia equipment are used in the exhibition hall to help people fully understand the history of western Anhui and feel the splendid civilization nurtured here.


Live shot:


Installation of 2 sets of 2X3 55 inch 1.7 interactive wall hydraulic supports

55 inch 1.7mm super narrow edge splicing screen, equipped with touch function and installed with hydraulic support, forms a large interactive magic wall,
Support user-defined background images and user-defined function buttons; Support video, image and audio playback; Support self start, automatic stop and other functions, and support background data update;
It can better meet the basic display effect of the intelligent exhibition hall and form a higher development level,
Realize the innovation and cultural development of modern society, and show the cool effect in an updated way.


1 set of 2X3 55 inch 3.5 hydraulic support installation

The 55 inch 3.5mm ultra narrow edge splicing screen has a solid and reliable frame. The 3.5mm ultra narrow frame reduces the distance between frames. When forming a large screen wall, you can see the same picture;
Professional high-definition image processing technology improves the color uniformity of the splicing wall, and the picture looks very clean and tidy;
High performance anti glare surface treatment, scattered reflected light of surrounding light,
The readability of images and images displayed on the display screen is greatly improved.

9 55 inch touch integrated machines

2 43 inch touch integrated machines

2 32 inch touch integrated machines


1 customized 55 inch all-in-one machine



The touch all-in-one machine, with novel technology and advanced touch display equipment, attracts visitors and realizes human-computer interaction exhibition, thus enhancing the charm of the exhibition hall.

The touch all-in-one machine adopts a push-pull ops host computer in structure, which is easy to install and maintain; Classic all black plain appearance structure;
Strong compatibility, able to support Android and Windows systems, equipped with industrial control motherboard, and more stable operation;
It can work 24 hours a day. It can be operated by tapping the screen with your finger. It can create an audio-visual feast with pictures and texts, which greatly improves the fun of visiting.
It can also support a variety of external devices, tokens, cameras, microphones, infrared sensors, ID card readers, sensors, etc.


The addition of touch machine elements makes the exhibition hall's cultural information display more vivid, creating an immersive space with a sense of modern science and technology.
Using multimedia display and interaction technology, a modern multimedia digital exhibition hall center is formed, and the leading digital ability and ecological charm are really felt.






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