How to choose the LCD splicing screen suitable for enterprises?

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Nowadays, there are more and more places to use splicing screen in society, such as monitoring room, conference room, exhibition hall, enterprises and institutions, etc. Now, the common large screens on the market are led display or LCD splicing screen. However, due to the strong sense of particle and high brightness of LED display, the user experience in close range room is affected. If the large screen is installed indoors, it is still recommended to use LCD splicing screen, and the visual effect is better than LED screen.

In this article, I will give you a brief introduction of LCD splicing screen, and teach you how to choose the LCD splicing screen suitable for your company.

LCD splicing screen is a new large screen splicing system, which is composed of a single display splicing unit. It can change the size of the display screen according to the needs. It has the advantages of simple transportation, convenient installation, wireless splicing, clear display and so on.

LCD splicing screen is a complex hardware system, which is usually divided into two parts: hardware and software

Hardware includes: LCD screen, multi screen splicing processor, network switch, control host, steel frame, wire rod, central control host

Software includes: split screen display software

What are the advantages of LCD splicing screen compared with other large screens?

1. The effect is tremor, the size is endless.

2. The images with high contrast, high brightness and high brightness are clearly visible.

3. Clear picture, 1920 * 1080 resolution. If you increase it once, the resolution will double.

Know so much about LCD splicing screen knowledge, how to choose LCD splicing screen?

1. First look at the gap size of the LCD splicing screen, select the LCD splicing screen with smaller gap to see whether the overall structure is firm and whether the appearance is beautiful and fashionable.

2. Select the LCD with high quality requirements, and observe the LCD splicing screen mainly from the brightness, color and other aspects.

3. Look at the LCD panel. Because the LCD splicing screen is used for a long time, we need to choose a high-performance panel.

4. Select LCD splicing screen manufacturers with brand reputation to conduct market research and understand their after-sales service.






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