What should we pay attention to when large LCD splicing screen is installed in arc?

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When large screen LCD splicing screen is installed in some special rooms, the whole display area is usually made into an arc in order to adapt to the overall room layout and better decoration effect. That is to say, different numbers of screens are spliced to form an inner arc, forming a sense of encirclement, which can make the length of the whole display area not so long, The display function can be kept intact, which is common in some public security command centers and monitoring centers of large energy enterprises.

It is not the product itself that the large screen LCD splicing screen is made into an arc, but by making the mounting bracket into a certain radian, usually between 170 degrees and 178 degrees, which varies according to the number of splicing. In this way, the screen can be installed at a certain angle according to the radian of the bracket at the splicing place, so that after the installation is completed, The visual effect of the whole display wall can form a feeling of radian. In fact, the whole display wall is back in the middle and front on both sides. The installation effect is shown in the figure below.


When we choose arc installation, we must pay attention to the following points:

1、 What environment is suitable for making arc

First of all, when we decide to make the arc large screen LCD splicing screen, it must be the occasion with a large number of splicing, and the installation space should also be large enough. Usually, the effect will be more obvious when the number of splicing is large, and there should be enough maintenance space behind the screen, which requires a lot of space for the whole room. In addition, for some occasions where the background wall is arc, such as the exhibition halls of some enterprises, the whole wall is designed as arc for personalized design. In this way, when installing the display screen in the later stage, in order to adapt to the effect of the whole wall, arc installation should be selected. If conventional installation is used, the overall coordination will not be enough.


2、 What problems should be paid attention to in design and installation

In the design of the whole arc large screen LCD splicing screen installation scheme, we should consider the space, installation quantity, radian size, the number of operating platform, etc. in addition, we should also pay attention to the production of the installation bracket. We need to communicate with the manufacturers, formulate the radian size, and make the effect map, so that we can see more directly, and the effect after splicing is clear. In addition, in the actual installation, our technicians should also pay attention to that the arc installation is slightly different from the conventional installation. In addition to adjusting the seam, we also need to adjust the arc. The technical requirements are very high, and we also need to consider the symmetrical effect of the left and right sides.






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