Application of multimedia equipment in digital exhibition hall

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Digital exhibition is more and more popular in the form of digital engineering exhibition. When it comes to digital exhibition project, we have to talk about related multimedia equipment. Do you know what equipment is often used in exhibition project? Let's have a brief understanding!

Voice guidance system: it changes the traditional means of communication in the exhibition project, opens up a new concept of communication mode, increases the acceptance and communication, stimulates the audience's cognitive interest and enthusiasm, makes the audience's educational form more vivid, and highlights the scientific and technological level of propaganda and education work. It is an auxiliary tool for commentators, which is composed of wireless commentator, ring embedded speaker, etc.

Electronic signature system: the exhibition breaks the traditional form of guestbook and integrates advanced handwritten digital technology and multimedia software technology. Visitors can make inscriptions on the LCD screen, give speeches and leave memorials. The content of the inscription is recorded and stored by the multimedia message board in the mode of screen recording, which can be inquired and browsed by the service personnel and other visitors.

Interactive query system: also known as interactive demonstration platform, is the use of nano touch film or infrared capture system to collect the location of the audience click, the data is transmitted to the graphics workstation, through image recognition, interactive software processing, the corresponding coordinates for multimedia demonstration, realize the control functions of opening the interface, converting the screen, information query, etc.

Holographic projection: it adopts a kind of screen with high transparency, through the projector back projection image to the screen, the audience can watch the image on the screen, also can see through the screen. The holographic projection screen can be used for cultural relics display and landscaping, and can be hidden or displayed according to the needs of exhibition items.

Interactive system: the use of advanced visual capture skills, finger contact on the glass, click, drag and control pictures, appreciate pictures, watch videos, bring mystery and magic like feeling.

Electronic sand table: the use of computer intelligent display control system, more vivid, such as wind and rain.

Digital exhibition hall, also known as multimedia exhibition hall, mainly integrates multimedia and digital technology to create digital display form and speed up information transmission. At the same time, the addition of interactive experience can shorten the distance between visitors and make them interact and feel the transmission of information.





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