Function and value of multimedia interactive device in science and Technology Museum

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2021-08-23

With the advent of the all media era, the efficient and rapid transmission of information has occupied the mainstream. The traditional information transmission mode is gradually covered. The exhibition of the science and Technology Museum follows its pace. The addition of multimedia interactive devices makes the traditional exhibits gradually vivid, presenting the scientific and artistic charm in a new participatory interactive experience.

1、It is conducive to presenting the artistic appeal of scientific exhibits

Sensory stimulation brings fresh audio-visual experience. Multimedia interactive devices use sound, light, electricity and other media to create dynamic display art. Even if they can't be physically touched, they can really feel its existence. It still follows the law of traditional artistic creation beauty in the construction of visual effects, but it is easier to create rich and changeable visual science pictures than traditional forms of expression. In terms of auditory construction, multimedia devices can simulate and reproduce the sound that can be heard by anyone in the world, make the audience produce sensory linkage due to hearing, and bring infinite associative space.


2、Interesting and vivid interactive means

The function of science and technology museum itself is to stimulate people's enthusiasm and initiative to actively invest in the exploration of scientific knowledge, and then cause in-depth thinking. The design of multimedia interactive devices extends imagination around knowledge points and uses intuitive narrative techniques to convey the scientific knowledge and principles to be embodied. For example, the "music visible" exhibition in the science and Technology Museum attracts the attention of participants from the name. The exhibition settings arbitrarily combine several items that seem to have nothing to do with music in life, Participants' gentle touch can produce beautiful music. Different touch methods have different scale performance, attracting participants to be interested in rhythm and scale and actively participate in the experience.


3、It has greatly improved the subjective initiative of public participation

From the interpretation of a single scientific principle to vivid and interesting scientific experiments, scientific stories and rich application extension, from the reading of popular science knowledge to the Enlightenment of scientific thinking, the cultivation of scientific interest, from the display of static display board pictures and samples to the addition of interactive contents that teach for fun, the exhibition mode of the science and Technology Museum keeps pace with the times and constantly shows people its scientific and technological charm and vitality.


With the help of certain changes in color, shape, light and sound, the multimedia interactive device makes the exhibits have visual movement as a whole and creates a visiting atmosphere corresponding to the exhibition theme. At the same time, the combination of virtual reality makes the visitors surpass the reality psychologically and spiritually.


With the help of the cutting-edge technology of multimedia interactive devices, the science and Technology Museum promotes the popularization and dissemination of scientific knowledge, makes scientific knowledge civilian and friendly, enters people's vision with a shining attitude, arouses people's concern and attention in the field of science, and also plays a key role in stimulating young people's interest in science.


Overall, the emergence of new media interactive technology has broken the inherent pattern of traditional display methods, changed the form of information communication, enriched the communication content and improved the communication efficiency. The universal application of new media technology has promoted the change of the display content of science and Technology Museum. This change is a qualitative leap and the improvement of concept. The combination of science communication and new media technology makes the speed of science communication into a high-speed track. As long as there are new exhibition contents and new communication elements, rapid communication can be realized immediately under the support system of new media.


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