Kashgar Museum case

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Founded in 1989, Kashgar regional museum basically displays "Xinjiang Silk Road Historical Relics Exhibition", displaying hundreds of cultural relics of stone age, bronze age, Han and Tang Dynasties and karahan Dynasty unearthed from all over Xinjiang, representing the splendid history of the silk road. In order to better display the splendid historical culture and unique customs of Kashgar Museum, Kashgar Museum, together with the multimedia interactive technology leader "Huayun vision", has helped the museum with a number of intelligent digital interactive systems. Through the visual interactive display, people can understand and feel the history and culture of Kashgar more intuitively!




Multiple wall mounted touch machines and K-shaped all-in-one machines support multi-point touch. The multi-point touch screen is different from the traditional single point touch screen. The biggest feature of the multi-point touch screen is that it can operate the contents of the screen with two hands, multiple fingers or even multiple people at the same time, which is more convenient and humanized.


LED display

Multimedia central control system

The central control system is a device for centralized control of various equipment such as sound, light and electricity. You can press the button to control the panel, computer display, touch screen and wireless remote control equipment. Through the computer and central control system, it can control the centralized control of many multi-media equipment in the museum, such as touch-screen, projection, LED display, lighting, audio and so on. By connecting several independent central control systems, a networked central control system can be formed to realize resource sharing, video and audio interaction and mutual monitoring.






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