Baogong Cultural Park, Baogong Town, Hefei

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Recently, the installation and commissioning of multimedia equipment in Baogong Cultural Park, Baogong Town, Hefei was completed.
Baogong Cultural Park is located in the southeast of the old urban area of Hefei City.
It makes full use of the existing historical relics of Baogong Town, integrates honest and diligent education, Baogong cultural development, leisure
Tourism, ecological agriculture and cultural expansion are integrated.

The park is equipped with multiple sets of modern multimedia display equipment, including advertising machine,
splicing screen, LED display screen, customized touch all-in-one machine, customized touch splicing screen and other multimedia display equipment,
We should better carry forward the spirit of Baogong, publicize the long history and culture of Anhui,
and create a distinctive Baogong cultural industrial park.



On site photos:

Large LED display screen

Customized touch all-in-one machine

Customized splicing screen touch station advertising machine

Customized touch table with splicing screen

Customizing the touch platform of the combination screen Customizing the touch all-in-one machine12-合肥包公镇包公文化园.jpg
Customized touch table with splicing screen

Customized touch table with splicing screen

Multiple advertising machines


55 "3.5mm butt joint 1 * 4 splicing screen


The interactive splicing table is novel and unique in form, full of sense of technology, changeable in shape, and has laser effect. It focuses on interactive experience and communication,
It can not only provide the display effect of creative content, but also help to improve the popularity and display image of the site, which is very popular in the exhibition hall field; Especially in science and technology museums
Enterprise exhibition halls are widely used to show the exhibition items to visitors vividly and intuitively.


In the park, multiple sets of touch integrated machines and customized models are used, and the push-pull ops host computer is used in the structure, which is easy to install and maintain;
Strong compatibility, able to support Android and Windows systems, equipped with industrial control motherboard, and more stable operation;
It can work 24 hours a day. It can be operated by tapping the screen with your finger. It can create an audio-visual feast with pictures and texts, which greatly improves the fun of visiting.
Create an immersive space with a sense of technology.





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