Design concept of Museum exhibition hall

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The composition of the exhibition hall design concept of the museum originates from the understanding of the content, which is a reasonable and inductive grasp of the exhibition hall content, audience psychology, exhibition hall environment and other elements. The concept guides the planning and implementation of the museum, blends the air composed of environment and content, and adjusts and mobilizes the viewing pace, thinking and mood of the audience. The successful completion of multimedia display in prehistoric civilization museums should be based on the deep understanding and integration of "science and technology, art and civilization".


1、Science and technology

This is the driving force to support the in-depth development of the diversity of civilizations. Every scientific and technological progress not only promotes the development of Commerce, but also affects the way of human life and brings the prosperity of art and civilization. The creation of skilled commodities such as cameras, gramophones, automobiles, aircraft, telephones and computers has changed the process of the day. The rapid development of information skills has brought colorful modern civilization.



Art is the spirit that leads science and technology to a higher level. Art is rational and science and technology is rational, but the two are not distinct. As a different expression of human wisdom, art and technology are interlinked in the source of conception. Art surges with human enthusiasm, while science and technology shines with the light of rationality. The connection between art and science and technology has produced a variety of human civilization and promoted the development of society to an aspiring country.


Civilization is the treasure of a nation's long history and splendid civilization. Science and technology and art complement each other in the long river of human development. The development of civilization promotes the progress of science and technology and screens the quality of art; The particularity of civilization endows science, technology and art with rich characteristics, making them constantly innovate under the influence of pre history; The inheritance of civilization interprets the rationality and enthusiasm of science and technology and art from the depths of human soul.

The exhibition hall design shows the demands of experience, exploration and curiosity, and improves the hobby of viewing. It is characterized by: having the clue of pre history development; There are relatively intact and extensible people, objects, things and environment, which are not limited to the cultural relics themselves; Demand induction uses the common sense and effect of relevant disciplines in all aspects; Mainly for the general knowledge audience; The demand is experiential and interesting. The difference lies in: the stock of cultural relics available for use is very different; There are differences in time and space span; The things and characters in the museum exhibition are more closely connected; Have a different sense of presence and reality.






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