Holographic projection cabinet

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What is "holographic projection"?

Holographic projection technology, also known as virtual imaging technology, is a technology that records and reproduces the real three-dimensional image of an object by using the principle of interference and diffraction. The application of holographic projection technology in the stage can not only produce three-dimensional aerial illusion, but also make the illusion interact with the performers, complete the performance together, and produce a shocking performance effect.


Holographic cabinet phantom imaging realistic, three-dimensional sense is very strong, can achieve the effect of false to true, give the audience a new visual experience. Phantom imaging technology has been widely used in various museums, science and technology museums, enterprise exhibition halls, historic streets, theme parks, heritage parks, urban planning exhibition halls, banks, jewelry, stores and so on. Holographic cabinet does not need to wear any polarizing glasses, you can enjoy watching 3D phantom stereoscopic display effects without constraints, giving the audience a strong visual impact, strong novelty, welcomed by large and medium-sized exhibition halls

1、 180 degree holographic cabinet


180 degree holographic cabinet is also known as single-sided holographic display cabinet. The atmospheric imaging domineering display cabinet is exquisite and fashionable in appearance, showing a sense of dignity; the 3D image formed by holographic projection is super shocking, cool and lifelike, which can instantly attract attention and increase customers' stop time; It can store a large amount of information, show the core advantages of selling points, dynamically present the charm of exhibits, stimulate the impulse of consumption. Holographic equipment is suitable to be placed in the airport, large shopping malls, hotel exhibition halls, etc. to display their products, house types, buildings, logos, etc. Used in press conference and other places, as a highlight of the layout of the venue.

2、 270 degree holographic cabinet


270 degree holographic cabinet is also known as three side holographic display cabinet - luxurious three side display. 270 degree hologram is a kind of holographic image. Holographic image actually realizes the recording and reproduction of real three-dimensional image. The general three-dimensional image only realizes the three-dimensional feeling of the human eye through the composition and color change on the two-dimensional plane, while the hologram generated by holographic stereo projection contains the size, shape, brightness, contrast and other information of the recorded object, providing parallax. The 270 degree hologram is suitable for placing against the wall and viewing from three sides.

3、 360 degree holographic cabinet

全息投影展示柜多少钱360 holographic image is also known as four sided holographic display cabinet, pyramid holographic and holographic three-dimensional imaging, which can be divided into regular triangle and inverted triangle. It is a four sided cone made of transparent holographic glass material. The audience's line of sight can penetrate it from any side, and the audience can see free floating images and graphics from the cone space. Four sided video imaging reflects the light to the special prism in the cone, and then comes together to form a stereo image with real dimensional space.






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