Party building service integration machine

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2021-06-22

As we all know, Party members are easy to face the problems of less resources, single form, weak enthusiasm and low participation in the learning process. Only when the right medicine is given to the case can the disease be cured. In this regard, the all-in-one machine of Party building service directly hit the pain point, realized the extension of Party building work to the Internet terminal, and created an interactive platform for Party building learning and growth and Party building business handling. It can not only update the internal and external resources of the vanguard wisdom party building platform, but also effectively integrate the resources of the Internet.


General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the National Organization Work Conference: “Party committees at all levels must attach great importance to the impact of information development on party building, so that party work will be covered wherever the network develops, and full use of information technology to improve party member education and management. , Improve the level of mass work, and strengthen the positive guidance of online public opinion." The party building service integrated machine relies on the party building information platform resources, and has gradually become an important carrier for propagating the spirit of the party central committee and strengthening party member education. The party building service all-in-one machine can browse the college website, and can also realize the functions of online learning, listening to party lessons, reading e-books, and browsing party building news. Large-size display screen, convenient touch operation, and rich party building information resources have effectively solved the practical difficulties of party members, cadres and students, such as low mobile phone configuration and no WIFI link. Massive party building consulting knowledge, sufficient party skills knowledge, and rich knowledge Party building experience sharing, comprehensive document spiritual instructions, etc., bring a new learning experience of party building information, and broaden the channels for party members to build their ideological positions.

The application of Party building service integrated machine creates a new window for Party building propaganda, and promotes the innovation of Party building and Party member education. I believe that through the application of this new party building cloud terminal, we can better publicize the party building spirit of the Party Central Committee and the group company to the party members, cadres and students, and give full play to the leading and exemplary role of the National Party member education and training demonstration base.





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