What kind of display equipment is good for the large screen in the conference room?

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The arrival of intelligent information age not only changes people's living habits, but also ushers in changes in enterprises. Among them, multimedia conference is a very big change. With the arrival of intelligent information age, large screen display is becoming more and more popular in indoor conference display. High definition, large size and networking are all pursued by users. There are several kinds of equipment that can meet the above requirements.

1、 Small space LED display

Due to its special technical characteristics, LED products have always been the first choice for outdoor large screen display. With the improvement of its display technology, the point spacing is getting smaller and smaller. With the advantage of seamless display, it is more and more common to use in indoor conference room large screen display occasions.

2、 LCD splicing screen

LCD splicing screen is mainly used to play computer signals in the use of conference room. Large size display screen and decoration wall can be integrated through wall hanging or embedded way. Multi screen can be controlled by matrix at the same time, real-time display of product introduction, development planning, big data system, etc. LCD splicing screen is the same as TV, with clear screen, rich color and high contrast, so the overall viewing effect is better. It also supports multiple computer control to achieve arbitrary switching of signals and other functions. Adding video conference software, it can also hold remote network meetings to achieve a multi-functional effect.

3、 Intelligent conference all in one machine

Intelligent conference all-in-one machine is a large-scale display product used in the fields of conference, training and education. Usually, each screen is more than 65 inches. It is mainly used for the display of small conference rooms. For example, the conference all-in-one machine can be used as the main body of the display in a conference room within 100 square meters of an enterprise, that is, the content can be displayed or written directly, Achieve the function of displaying and writing.

With the rise of multimedia conference room, all display devices are required to be more intelligent. They should be able to connect with the network, and display high-definition images with strong contrast. Basically, the large screen displays in conference room are the above three kinds. They all have the characteristics of high resolution, high contrast and networking, which are very suitable for the use of multimedia conference room, It can be selected according to the location and size of the meeting room.






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