Interactive slide screen -let the boring content be dynamic!

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The sliding track has not yet been well known to most people, but the future exhibition industry will definitely develop in a more vivid and interesting interactive direction, which will make the boring content agile, which is the meaning of the sliding rail screen. Therefore, for people in the exhibition and display industry, understanding that familiarity with the sliding screen is an inevitable choice to adapt to the future development of the industry. Let's first understand the advantages of the interactive slide screen?

Interactive sliding screens, also known as sliding rail TV, are composed of customized taxi tracks, transparent LCD screens or televisions, infrared sensors, light boxes, hosts, etc. The audience can promote the LCD screen up, down, and left and right. At the time, the screen will coincide with the fixed point. The screen will automatically play the video content of this part and interact. The sliding rail can also be composed of customized tracks such as manual sliding orbit, automatic circulation sliding orbit, and touch sliding orbit. The sliding track screen is divided into: straight -line slide screen, circular slide screen, arc -shaped sliding rail screen, dual -screen interactive slide screen, human body slide screen, etc.

How about the sliding screen market?

As the name suggests, the sliding rail screen is a display screen that can glide on the track. It is a new type of multimedia display method. The interactive slide screen is on the wall of similar coordinate axes or LCD stitching screens or LED display as the background wall. At the same time, it is on the track. Set a LCD display on the top. When the LCD display moves on the track, the background wall synchronization can be achieved to achieve the perspective effect. Each movement of the liquid crystal display will automatically play the corresponding content. The content can be a picture. , Text, videos or Flash.

Because the sliding rail screen has many advantages, the application scope is also wide. For example, in the museum, it can make the slightly boring historical knowledge vivid and interesting and help people remember; At the meeting, it can show the effect of the perspective of the car, make the exhibition full of technology, and will definitely make car enthusiasts rush; it can also be used in the real estate exhibition hall to display various room types intuitively to customers. Such a convenient and intimate slide screen will definitely become an extra points for the enterprise. In addition to these three scenarios, the sliding rail screen can also be used in specific places such as planning halls, party building halls, and corporate culture exhibition halls. In addition, its low -carbon environmental protection attracts people, and its fresh interactive effect will inevitably attract people to visit. At the same time Increase the popularity of the museum.

The sliding rail screen has a fixed -point sensing playback, touch graphic display effect, and at the same time the use of touch terminal equipment makes the sliding reaction speed sensitive and unlimited use of venue use. As a form of emerging multimedia display, it can bring a sense of technology and sense of technology and sense of technology in various industries. Interesting application effect. From this point of view, the market for sliding screens has great possibilities, and it will definitely occupy an important position in the future exhibition industry.





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