China Industrial Expo Park

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China Industrial Expo Park is located in the east of Wuxi City, across Wuxi New Area and Xishan District,
relying on the profound industrial and commercial culture of Wuxi,
It is a unique industrial tourism cultural area with the theme of industrial exhibition, industrial product exhibition and industrial tourism.

The park is equipped with multiple sets of modern multimedia display equipment, including 55 inch and 86 inch touch all-in-one machine,
horizontal query all-in-one machine, LCD splicing screen, projection, signature camera all-in-one machine,
and supporting central control system.
We will build a comprehensive platform for the display and trading of modern industrial products,
an innovative platform for economic cooperation and development, and an international platform for technology and product cooperation and exchange,
National modern service industry cluster area, unique industrial tourism cultural area
Demonstration area of urban scientific development and the largest industrial exhibition park in China.


On site photos:


55 inch vertical screen touch all-in-one machine


86 inch touch all-in-one machine


Projection signature camera

Horizontal touch all-in-one machine LCD splicing screen


Central control


In the park, multiple sets of touch all-in-one machines and signature and photo all-in-one machines are used,
and the push-pull ops host computer is used in the structure, which is easy to install and maintain;
Strong compatibility, able to support Android and Windows systems, equipped with industrial control motherboard,
and more stable operation; It can work 24 hours a day.
It can be operated by tapping the screen with your finger,
Create an audio-visual feast, which greatly improves the fun of the visit.
Create an immersive space with a sense of technology.


It is equipped with central control system to centrally control all all-in-one machines,
splicing screens, sound, light, electricity and other equipment;
For example, projector, projection screen, microphone volume adjustment, video switching, light and dark and switch,
air conditioner switch, etc; These large discrete individual control systems can be integrated and controlled,
Then control all functions through a tablet or remote control.
It is mainly used in multi-function halls, conference rooms, multimedia classrooms, command and control centers, etc.





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