Shanghai P2 LED special-shaped screen

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Yang Meihong's art education is a chain organization focusing on early art education.
It has branches such as Yangmeihong Art Education Center (chain), Yangmeihong Art Education Research Institute, Yangmei Red Line Painting Academy, etc.
Institutions and teaching centers are distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other regions.

The ceiling of Shanghai Yangmeihong Art Education Design is designed as P2 LED special-shaped screen, which is formed by multiple P2 modules arranged to form a multilateral special-shaped screen. It is creative and corresponds to art education.
Creative LED display screen with irregular shape attracts more attention and attention of many viewers.
It is also the best interpretation of its own brand, which shows its innovative ability and performance ability.


Field photo:

P2 LED special-shaped screen


P2 LED display


P2 full-color display adopts imported luminous materials, high-quality IC chips and noise-free high-power power supply;
The whole screen has no fan design, no noise, low power consumption, and can be used in the temperature range of 0 ℃~55 ℃.

For the format of P2 indoor LED display screen, the user can arrange the display mode at will;
It can display text, charts, images, animation and video information; And the amount of information displayed is unlimited;

The circuit board of the P2LED display screen manufacturer adopts wave soldering technology, with a green oil oxygen barrier layer, which prevents the moisture and oxidation of the circuit and improves the service life;

P2 full-color display screen protects the circuit board and its related equipment from the erosion of the environment through three-proofing paint; Good high and low temperature resistance;
After curing, it forms a layer of transparent protective film, which has excellent insulation, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, shockproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, corona resistance and other properties.


P2 HD LED display features:

P2 indoor LED display screen is highly protective, dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion

The special outdoor independent waterproof module and waterproof box with excellent sealing performance are adopted, so there is no need to worry about water vapor erosion. The unique mask design of the screen has high protection level.

Ultra-high resolution, bright colors

Energy conservation, environmental protection, high cost performance

With ultra-wide viewing angle

Ultra high uniformity, relieve eye fatigue

seamless splicing





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